Wednesday, August 31

The Etruscan Shrew

Hi all! Stop, don't say what you're going to say. I know, I know. 'Steph, how can this be a midweek mammal if you're posting on a Thursday??'. Well, naysayers, I'll have you know that the week is comprised of seven days and technically Thursday is the middle. Also, with my schedule, Saturday is arguably what I would call 'midweek' and so I don't want any more back chat. Also, I basically forgot to hit the publish button the other day and so mistakenly left this post as a draft. We can both make mistakes, dear reader. It's ok.

Anyway-- all I really needed to say today was that I decided to follow up last weeks painting of the Earth's largest land mammal by this week painting the smallest! Let's get on with it shall we...

Google tells me that the title for world's smallest is something of a tie between a teeny weeny variety of bat and the very diddy Etruscan Shrew. Now the bat was very much the sort of cute/weird juxtaposition that normally I go wild for, but unfortunately due to their diminutive size and reclusive nature it was hard to find a great reference photo. I would have been more than happy to present an 'artist's interpretation' in the style of those great Victorian naturalists who were asked to paint Lions and Tigers without having ever seen one and so quite reasonably painted them with six heads and hellish cloven paws and the like, but wasn't sure if that was quite in keeping with the theme. The little Etruscan shrew was marginally more photo-ready and so piqued Kitti's Hog Nosed Bat to the post. Maybe I'll come back to it as a little Hallo-teeny-weenie? Who can say. I'll try my best to publish that one on time.

Until next time (which now happens to be tomorrow) folks!

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