Monday, August 29

Tarn Hows, Cumbria

Hi everyone! This is it, my last Cumbrian blog post of 2016. This was another place we never planned to visit but just swung by on the way home. As it happened, it wound up being one of the prettiest places we visited all holiday (also: cows).

It was our last day in the Lake District and we were at a loss for places to visit that weren't miles away in the North Lakes.

Right in the corner of our Beatrix Potter leaflet there was one little sentence about a local park worth visiting. It didn't look far so we gave it a go, and it wound up being a bloody delight.

 It had beautiful fells and hills, and tons of flora and fauna to ogle on the walk around.

 It was much bigger than Fell Foot, and far more varied and wild than Derwent Water.

 I like my nature a little bit unruly, so it was perfectly up my street.

There were more ferns and foxgloves than you could shake a stick at, and plenty of other natural specimens to get you feeling all horticultural.

 I was happy just taking it all in.

 And there was a lot to take in, too :)

There were plenty of purple thistles scattered around to remind you of the vicinity to Bonny Scotland.

 Although you could mistake yourself for visiting Hobbiton at times.

Or Hamlet's Elsinore?

 It had a bit of Macbeth's gravity too.

We did our best to scope it all out.

 Taking care to not get stuck in all the boggy crags.

 Before long, we head to head back once again.

 We said goodbye to the view for a little while.

 Although not before we were shepherded out by a herd of cows!!!!

Nevermind the old Ambleside mole. Real cows, people! En masse! I was obsessed. A perfect evolution in my quest to Catch Em All and a fitting farewell (??). 

Anyway-- that's it from Cumbria! I hope you've enjoyed the many photos of ferns as much as I have.
Until next time,

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