Wednesday, August 3

Mr Nose Horn

Hi everyone! Happy Wednesday to you all 🎉 First and foremost, let's broach the elephant (rhino) in the room. Mr Nose Horn?? Whenever I do these Midweek Mammal posts I like to have a google for an interesting tidbit to share; this week I learned that Rhinoceros literally just means 'nose horn' in latin which I found too amusing not to share. It's so banal. I like to envision Zoologists having a group meeting and just sort of all looking and nodding around a table, "Nose Horn??" "Yes good, good. Nailed it". It's too much for me. 

Anyway, the reason for a Rhino("Nose") this week is that whilst on my holiday to Barcelona (you'll hear more of this), I managed to cuckhold my friends into being my number one fans. When I mentioned I needed to paint another Midweek Mammal whilst stranded at Barcelona airport, my good friend Bob requested a Rhino and so a Rhino I painted. If any of you guys ever have something you want to see from me, by all means tweet me @moirsteph or hit me in the DMs on instagram @bearandcrocodile. I like to give.

Until next time, folks!

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