Monday, August 1

July Favourites

Hello everyone, Happy August! Am I the only person who finds it incredibly satisfying when the first of the month falls on a Monday? Itm akes my calendar feel very organised all month. Anyway, another month of 2016 gone, any New Years Eve babies will be starting to think about getting huge right about now, but never mind that-- favourites time!

This month, I've been travelling a lot. Up the north of the UK at the start of July and I arrived back from Barcelona last night (well, fingers crossed I did... I'm scheduling this post so I could well be stuck in Spain somewhere for some reason-- can't complain about that). Most of my favourites have come from the earlier weeks of the month as they're the ones I've been able to mull over most. You'll find that they're very outdoors-y, but that's because we finally encountered some tolerable weather and I did actually get to spend time outside!

1 - Sam's Mum's Pack-a-Mac
Despite my prior claim that the weather was good, there was always that very British threat of rain just around the corner. When Sam's mum loaned me her raincoat whilst on holiday I could never have anticipated the joy it would bring me. I never took the thing off. You know when you just feel a strange connection to something, like a favourite pen or lucky shoes? It cannot be explained.

2 - Lake District Sheep
One of my life goals, maybe inexplicably, is to go to New Zealand and see all the sheep. I don't know why, but I just want to tick it off at some point. When I arrived in Cumbria to see sheep at every turn, it was just another spectacle my town-mouse brain bloomin' loved. Much like the mole I saw in Ambleside, the sheep were an instant love. I know I'm a bit undone in the mental sense. It's the little things.

3 - Eastwell Manor
As you may well know from the Monday Snapshot post of a few weeks back, this month I spent some time over at the beautiful Eastwell Manor Estate in Kent. It hosted a great wedding on beautiful grounds and I just had a jolly good time there. I shared tons of photos in the most so go have a browse if you haven't already.

4 - Cumbrian Ferns
You may have garnered over the past few months that I have been having a bit of a foliage 'moment'. I think it's because Sam and I are looking to spruce up our garden a bit next in our house demolition tour, but I've really been drawn to all things green and leafy in recent weeks. The Cumbrian landscape was beautiful for a myriad of reasons but my favourite aspect wherever we went were the glorious verdant ferns. Cumbrian themed flower box out the front perhaps?

5 - Hill Top Farm (Beatrix Potter's House, Cumbria)
I'll be honest and say that despite growing up loving rabbits, paints, and books about the countryside, somehow I never really was into the whole Beatrix Potter 'thing'. As I got older, and partly thanks to Holly Exley's 'Women Who Own It' feature on Beatrix, I really started to appreciate her legacy despite not being an ardent admirer of her work. Visiting her home was a great glimpse into her life in Cumbria, where she worked with the National Trust to safeguard acres of Lake District green space. A very interesting place.

I'll see you soon! Let me know what you've liked this month :)

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