Wednesday, August 17

His Dog Is A Pekingese

Hi all! It's #MidweekMammal time but also #HumpDay, so I thought I would combine the two and do paint a midweek mammal that will hopefully make the day a bit more joyous. 

Sam and I often discuss our future dog plans (as you do), and although we've decided on probably a Cocker Spaniel (if we don't adopt), there is still a real bevy of dogs out there that would bring me great joy. Case in point, the Pekingese. There's no way on earth Sam would ever agree to such a ludicrous dog, but I like to imagine an alternate life where I have two I carry around in handbags whilst wearing a lot of rhinestones. Did you know that in the olden days, Emperors used to carry them around in their sleeves as living hand warmers?? Who doesn't want that??

Anyway... Happy Hump Day to all. Until next time!

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