Friday, August 5

Draw Outside #2 / Wast Water, Cumbria!

Hi everyone! I have a brand spanking new 'Draw Outside' video for you today! In case you weren't familiar with the 'Draw Outside' concept, it is an idea that was concocted by illustrator extraordinaire Fran Meneses on Youtube. The gist of it is so take a day where you grab all your arty bits, go for a walk, and do a sketch or two outside of your usual bedroom/office cave. I've done one once before (almost a year ago!) and figured it was time for round two!

This year's(!) contribution was filmed in and around the valleys of Wast Water lake in Cumbria. Sam and I visited on our last day up north and were obsessed with the stunning natural scenery. Unfortunately for us, it wound up raining torrentially so I wasn't able to draw 'outside' as much as I was able to draw by the fireside of a twee little pub safe from the weather. I did go for a splishy splash in some puddles though and nearly destroyed my camera to get the shots and so I feel like the intention was there!

Make sure you look at the financed piece here and subscribe to my Youtube channel here.

Until next time!

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