Monday, August 8

Derwentwater, Allerdale

Hi all! For today's Monday Snapshot post I have day two of my trip to Cumbria, the very beautiful Derwentwater in Allerdale. If you're visiting the area this is a great place to visit with a picnic basket and a free afternoon. All the little nooks and crannies around the lake are signposted and it's an easy walk for those with pushchairs and the like. It also happens to have a special hill shaped like a cat so there's that too!

As you walk in, you're welcomed by a CafĂ© on the left and a jetty on the right. I'm not one for boats but I do like sitting by the waterside for a splish-splash every now and then. 

(I especially like to sit by the waterside when the view is quite so good...) 

Sam and I visited with his parents, but there were plenty of little coves and creeks to get lost in by ourselves. 

Our favourite place was Friar's Crag, a little bay that was by no means secluded but was somehow completely empty whenever we walked past. It provided a perfect view over the whole of the lake.

 Views like this-- and nobody around? 

Personally, being me, I also enjoyed scouting around for a bit of local wildlife here and there. Sadly, nothing quite so riveting as the famed Ambleside Mole but a good bit of wildfowl to ogle.

This picture caused me great anguish to take... I wanted to snap this little duck family but for some reason my camera was stuck on some sort of negative zoom function. They were thirty centimetres away from me but might as well have been Adele at the O2 they looked so bloody far. This is cropped to within an inch of it's life on photoshop. Technology!!! It's a blessing and a curse.

Anyway, as I said, the path was fairly well marked. That doesn't mean I didn't still find a way for us to get lost in the woods (it's what I do).

Fortunately, we were lost amidst some Liverpudlian mums and so we stumbled our way through the trees together. We were back in the clear in no time.

More than happy to see the hills rather than the underside of a dank oak tree! (I can't be left to navigate, it's not in my blood.)

You may have spotted one of these thistles in a recent 'Top Tips for a Happy Life' post-- they were literally everywhere we visited in Cumbria and I grew quite attached to them (and the bees).

Before long, we were back to the start and headed home. A great place for a stroll if you're looking for places to visit in Cumbria.  

Well worth a visit (or an instagram)!

Until next time,

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