Friday, August 26

6 New Blogs To Follow

Hi everyone! This week I wanted to share a few blogs that I've been enjoying for you to have a read of over the weekend! It's been too damn hot lately and so I thought for those of you wanting to retreat indoors (read: me), now might be a good time for some new reads.

Jeska @ - Lobster and Swan is a blog that is truly up my alley. Every time I get an alert for Jeska's posts, I honestly always stop to read it. She posts beautiful photography, really inspiring and do-able DIYs and all sorts of eclectic homey stuff.

Kimberly @ - Kimberly is what I would call a kindred spirit. I recently read her post about renovating her kitchen, and there's a part where she says she felt like a nutter for spending £40 on a gold dish rack but also knew that it was the right thing to do. I often feel the same way when buying plants/homeware and I like that I'm not alone in my intense madness.

Justina @ - If Jeska and Kimberly are relatable to me (well, aspirationally relatable let's say) then Justina and her home are just goals. The sheer volume of plants Justina has within her house makes her almost a god to me, but she also has a really unique bohemian outlook to decor which I find refreshing amidst the all-white interiors surge that's been lingering about.

Sophie @ - I don't read that many fashion blogs any more these days unless I have an event to attend and I'm pulling my hair out for inspo, but Sophie's blog is one that I run to read every time. She's super frank, which I love, but she also just knows what she's talking about. I was just thinking the other day, 'wouldn't it be great if Fashion Slave did a post about new season trends?', and she bloody well did, and it was amazing.

Natasha @ - I recently discovered Natasha's blog via twitter and it was just exactly what I was looking for to fill the void. One of my favourite ever design blogs thefoxisblack appears to have gone recently defunct/funky and I've been missing a great arty blog that has a varied approach to sharing all kinds of design from a unique point of view. There is a great mix of things to read on graphiquefantastique, which I love, and I've also spoken to Natasha recently and she's super lovely too!

Have a read, tell them I sent you, and have a good weekend!
Until next time,

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