Wednesday, August 31

The Etruscan Shrew

Hi all! Stop, don't say what you're going to say. I know, I know. 'Steph, how can this be a midweek mammal if you're posting on a Thursday??'. Well, naysayers, I'll have you know that the week is comprised of seven days and technically Thursday is the middle. Also, with my schedule, Saturday is arguably what I would call 'midweek' and so I don't want any more back chat. Also, I basically forgot to hit the publish button the other day and so mistakenly left this post as a draft. We can both make mistakes, dear reader. It's ok.

Anyway-- all I really needed to say today was that I decided to follow up last weeks painting of the Earth's largest land mammal by this week painting the smallest! Let's get on with it shall we...

Monday, August 29

Tarn Hows, Cumbria

Hi everyone! This is it, my last Cumbrian blog post of 2016. This was another place we never planned to visit but just swung by on the way home. As it happened, it wound up being one of the prettiest places we visited all holiday (also: cows).

Sunday, August 28

Top Tips for a Happy Life #30

Hi everyone! I decided to do something a little bit different for today's 'Top Tip', seeing as it was number 30! Today's quote is actually from 'Wuthering Heights'-- which, granted, is not what I would call a self-help book by any means.

Friday, August 26

6 New Blogs To Follow

Hi everyone! This week I wanted to share a few blogs that I've been enjoying for you to have a read of over the weekend! It's been too damn hot lately and so I thought for those of you wanting to retreat indoors (read: me), now might be a good time for some new reads.

Wednesday, August 24

The World's Largest Land Animal

Hi everyone! Sometimes I struggle to think of ideas for 'Midweek Mammal' posts, despite the vast variety of mammals out there. It's like when someone asks for your favourite song of all time and suddenly you forget every song you've ever heard all your life.

Monday, August 22

Beatrix Potter's Cottage, Hill Top, Cumbria

Hi everyone! Today is my penultimate Lake District post and it's a good'un! It's all about my visit to Hill Top Farm, the former residence of Beatrix Potter, and I have many a photo to share.

Sunday, August 21

Top Tips for a Happy Life #29

Hi everyone! This week's Top Tip is a thoughtful sentiment I found via @shopmiroja on Instagram. I just thought it was a nice little idea to put you in good spirits on this fine Sunday :)

Friday, August 19

DIY Mud Cloth Pattern Pillows

Hi all! I'm enjoying having this extra post per week as it means I get to share all the fun little projects I get up to between illustrations. 

Seeing at it's the summer holidays, I've been anticipating a visit from some of my family who would otherwise be at school and have been prettying up our spare room ready for their arrival. I've gone for a vibe that's completely different to the rest of the house and made it a bit more fun (sorry Sam... we're fun but we're not 'teenage' fun). I've gone heavy on the Pinterest inspo with all-white decor and pops of girly colour. One super Pinterest-y decor feature that I've had my eye on recently has been the very trendy and versatile Mud Cloth Pillow Cases that seem to be popping up all over the place. I couldn't find a set that weren't £45 apiece and so decided to DIY some of my own!

Wednesday, August 17

His Dog Is A Pekingese

Hi all! It's #MidweekMammal time but also #HumpDay, so I thought I would combine the two and do paint a midweek mammal that will hopefully make the day a bit more joyous. 

Monday, August 15

Lake Windermere & Fell Foot National Park

Hi everyone! Today's post is all about my morning at Lake Windermere and my afternoon at Fell Foot National Park in Cumbria. Two spots that were incredibly beautiful and well worth a visit if you're in the area.

Sunday, August 14

Top Tips for a Happy Life #28

Hi everyone! Hope you're doing well this week. Today's Top Tip is a poignant quote from Toni Morrison when talking about her (beautiful, sad) novel 'Beloved'.

Friday, August 12

Homeware Haul/Update

Hello everyone! You may have noticed that I have been making a few small changes on the blog recently. Namely, one extra post a week! I was finding that as much I was enjoying my regularly scheduled weekly content, I wanted just a little bit more leeway when it came to off-the-cuff posts and sharing more bits and bobs from everyday life.

Wednesday, August 10

Mushroom Mushroom

Good morning everybody! Today I have been very much inspired by the English countryside and so decided to paint a Badger for this weeks Midweek Mammal. I realised recently that I've only ever seen Badgers as roadkill-- never live and kicking-- and so I decided to remedy that with a good google image search for pictures of the jolly critters living their everyday lives in peace and harmony.

Monday, August 8

Derwentwater, Allerdale

Hi all! For today's Monday Snapshot post I have day two of my trip to Cumbria, the very beautiful Derwentwater in Allerdale. If you're visiting the area this is a great place to visit with a picnic basket and a free afternoon. All the little nooks and crannies around the lake are signposted and it's an easy walk for those with pushchairs and the like. It also happens to have a special hill shaped like a cat so there's that too!

Sunday, August 7

Top Tips for a Happy Life #27

Hello all! Halloween may be a fair few months away, but I recently finished reading Dracula for the first time and really loved it (latent sexism aside etc). Hence, this week's Top Tip (now on a Sunday-- thoughts on a postcard) is a quote from Bram Stoker's finest.

Friday, August 5

Draw Outside #2 / Wast Water, Cumbria!

Hi everyone! I have a brand spanking new 'Draw Outside' video for you today! In case you weren't familiar with the 'Draw Outside' concept, it is an idea that was concocted by illustrator extraordinaire Fran Meneses on Youtube. The gist of it is so take a day where you grab all your arty bits, go for a walk, and do a sketch or two outside of your usual bedroom/office cave. I've done one once before (almost a year ago!) and figured it was time for round two!

Wednesday, August 3

Mr Nose Horn

Hi everyone! Happy Wednesday to you all 🎉 First and foremost, let's broach the elephant (rhino) in the room. Mr Nose Horn?? Whenever I do these Midweek Mammal posts I like to have a google for an interesting tidbit to share; this week I learned that Rhinoceros literally just means 'nose horn' in latin which I found too amusing not to share. It's so banal. I like to envision Zoologists having a group meeting and just sort of all looking and nodding around a table, "Nose Horn??" "Yes good, good. Nailed it". It's too much for me. 

Monday, August 1

July Favourites

Hello everyone, Happy August! Am I the only person who finds it incredibly satisfying when the first of the month falls on a Monday? Itm akes my calendar feel very organised all month. Anyway, another month of 2016 gone, any New Years Eve babies will be starting to think about getting huge right about now, but never mind that-- favourites time!