Saturday, July 30

Top Tips for a Happy Life #26

Hi everyone! Sometimes in life you just want a bit of acid-bright blue, am I right? No? Apologies to your retinas.

I wrote a lovely long comment about how this quote was the author of one of my favourite books and how I was so happy to include a quote from him da da da... And then I realised I was thinking about Tim O'Brien. This quote is a John Steinbeck, from 'Of Mice & Men' fame-- who is also good but not someone I know anything about or have anything to say about.

Anyway, this quote for me is a bit of a double edged sword. I think it could either mean something down the avenue of 'the grass is always greener', i.e. 'I wish there was a bloody breeze because it's a hundred degrees outside', even though you complained about it being windy all winter. Or, it could mean the exact opposite, which is that it's the bad times that really make you appreciate the good times, i.e. 'wasn't it such a horrible long winter, I'm so glad it's a hot day so I can wear my new Topshop sandals'.

Maybe a quote that's really all about keeping your options open? Who knows.
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