Saturday, July 16

Top Tips for a Happy Life #24

Morning everyone! This week's 'Top Tip' is coming to you live from the Lake District. Sadly it's my last day here today but I wanted to encapsulate the spirit of the lakes in a painting before I leave.

The quote this time comes from the Scottish-American naturalist John Muir. I originally came across his work in Katie Daisy's book 'How To Be A Wildflower', and his sentiments towards nature really struck a chord with me. There's nothing like delving into nature and letting yourself forget all the woes of the city. No money for Topshop, deadline looming, family fueds-- it doesn't matter, look at that lake! There are so many ferns! By no means am I suggesting we all become hermits and live in a cave (tempting as that may be sometimes), but sometimes when you feel like you want a retreat, a real 'retreat' into remote nature can help give you that breath of fresh air (literally and figuratively) you didn't know you needed.

Have you ever been to the Lake District? Or do you have your own favourite spots? I've seen I have readers all across Russia and America and Europe, I'd be interested to know where you went when you wanted to get away.

Until next time :)

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