Monday, July 18

Monday Snapshot

Hi everyone! I recently spent the day at the beautiful Eastwell Manor estate in Kent for a family wedding! The venue was so stunning that I thought you guys might like to see a few photos.

Obviously it was the couple's special day so I won't show all the behind the scenes but I thought I could show you some little snapshots from throughout the day.

The bride asked me to take a few pictures on her camera (and film the first dance! No pressure!) and so I didn't wind up taking too many on my own, but I still got a few photos here and there.

 With the help of my trusty assistant and model (and boyfriend, for new readers), Sam :)

Nothing like peonies at a wedding! Ugh, my heart.

The house was really so beautiful, sprawling green as far as you can see and stone walls decked in ivy.

Really really lovely (do you not think Sam and I look a bit like we're in Grazia? Step into our abode...)

There were also plenty of little nooks and crannies tucked away, walled gardens and closed-off secret spots.

We made sure to try and get into all we could :)

 Before long, it was the end of the night and the end of the wedding.

A lovely day, a beautiful bride, and a very happy groom. He can rest easy now! Except maybe not that easy as their honeymoon is in the rainforest. 
Bug spray as a wedding present?

Until next time,

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