Monday, July 11

Monday Moodboard

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Hi everyone! You may or may not know that I am  currently in the midst of decorating the house that I share with Sam, and in recent weeks we've really been trying hard to get the living room finished. We figure that it's the room that guests will see the most and also its a good place for us to spend quality time when we happen to wind up having corresponding shifts off work. Sam's sort of left most of the decor up to me, but I obviously want his opinion too and so rather than send him 200 links to Zara Home every day I've found it helpful to create mood boards every now and then to help gauge if he likes the vibes.

We have already introduced a bit of green to the upstairs of the house and so I think it's nice to incorporate bits of it throughout the downstairs to keep it cohesive. We have a lot of wooden elements and green plants so are looking at light sage colours and gold accents for a serene sort of finish. We got a great jade colour throw from Oliver Bonas which is fuzzy enough to be cosy but minimal enough that we can add crazy colour cushions if we want later on. It's out of stock now but I'll link it {here} so you can see what I'm on about.

As you know if you follow me on Instagram or follow the blog regularly, I am more than a bit obsessed with tropical plants at the mo, and I've been dying to get a Cheese Plant for weeks. Sadly, I recently found {this diagram} demonstrating the full size that Cheese Plants are capable of reaching and realised that a plant with 'monstera' in the name may not be suited to our little two up/two down. I would also be a bit worried of it becoming sentient and coming after me from downstairs while I was asleep.

Anyway, our current predicament is the age old challenge of throw pillows. Neutral? Zany? I quite like an eclectic mix and have been having a virtual play around via Polyvore. At the mo I think maybe one dotty, one leafy and one gold but we shall see. I'll get back to you.

Until next time,

Zara Home Bath Rug / Zara Home Green Pillows / Made in Design Plant Stand / Pier 1 Gold Palm Pillow / Etsy Dalmatian Spot Pillow / Zara Home Floral Throw Pillow / Etsy Leaf pillow / Zuiver Gold Accent Table / The Range Cotton Diamond Rug / Kinfolk Home Book

P.S. I did the lighting when we did The Chrysalids as our school play and was about to make a joke about it re:Cheese Plants as I seem to remember it being about evil plant people that came to life... I've just had a Google and this is 0% what the plot is about-- What am I on about? Does anyone know? Did we just do a weird adaptation where the people were dressed as daisies? What am I on about??

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