Wednesday, July 13

Midweek Mammal

Morning everybody! Here's a tidbit for you-- I was a Zebra in my year one school play. It was a Noah's Ark production and I was paired up with my best friend at the time (hi Megan!) to march along two-by-two.
I'm sort of struggling with my Midweek Mammals a little bit lately. When they're finished I'm always happy with the result, but I struggle sometimes just to think of what to draw. It's like when someone asks you your favourite song and you're put on the spot-- in that moment you can only think of the Hokey Cokey. I'll sit down and wonder what to draw and just draw a blank. I will persevere! Lately I'm liking animals with unusual patterns or colours so that's what I've been drawn to. We'll see what next week brings :)
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