Wednesday, July 27

Karma Karma Karma

Hi all, today I'm wondering how many thousands of pounds of Chameleon-themed merchandise has been affixed with a dodgy Karma theme since that song came out. It's unavoidable, right? It's like when sailor stripes come back in fashion every year and retailers can't resist slapping 'nautical but nice' on every placard (it's my greatest peeve of all time). Anyway, this week's Midweek Mammal comes to you in good spirits as I am currently in the midst of my holiday.

I'm writing this a day or two in advance in lieu of potential wifi drama, but imagine I am having a truly marvellous time or else you would have heard about it by now.

This week, despite my best efforts to sway away, I have been tempted back to the blue-green side of the watercolour spectrum. I know, I'm sorry-- last month I was all about 'Hooker Green' from my Winsor and Newton palette and lately I'm obsessing over 'Sap'. In the autumn I'm all over the browns and oranges, but I've been enjoying taking advantage of lush tropical greens while the sun has his hat on. If anyone is offended by my blatant favouritism for the colour green please send me your comments on a postcard (please don't, I will continue to use green anyway sorry).

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