Wednesday, July 6

For Jenny

Hi all! It was recently my very good friend Jenny's birthday and to celebrate I painted a quick portrait of one of her doggies and thought you might like to see for this week's #MidweekMammal :)

She has three dogs, two as fluffy a hound you would ever see, so I had to enlist some help discreetly from a secret agent to find out if she secretly had a favourite. Once again the special gold gouache was out in full force, can't beat it for a special occasion and people who know me will know that I've been blinging out anything in the house gold that I can.

I'm going away to the lake district this week with Sam's family and so I'll be sure to take a ton of photos to share with you :) Make sure you're following @bearandcrocodile on Instagram if stunning natural scenery is your thing.

Until next time!

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