Monday, July 25

Ambleside, Cumbria

Hi all! I'm here today bringing you my first post chronicling my stay in the Lake District! Funnily enough, it's actually Barcelona Day One for me at the mo and so I'll be presenting these photos of rainy Britain from Sunny Spain. Olé!

For our first Cumbrian adventure, we didn't want anything too strenuous. I will give myself the excuse that it's because we were with family and we were being considerate that others may not want to scale mountainsides, but really it's because we were knackered and didn't want to whether they did or not.

So, day one of our Lake District journey we found ourselves on the hunt for the waterfalls at Ambleside.

They're sort of tucked away up a steep hill, definitely the sort of place you would visit at an 'ambling' pace. 

Not too much hard work to walk but enough to feel like you were sweeping out the cobwebs.

It was a small and pretty place, no guide book needed for you to find your way around. Besides, there was a whole posse of school children with scientific instruments leading the way for us when we went, so we were never likely to be left lost in the woods.

 (To be fair, if we had got lost we would have deserved not to have been found as there was only one path, meaning if we had got lost we were right bloomin' idiots.)

Nonetheless it was a beautiful place and reminded me of the sorts of streams and gullies where we would go to walk my Nan's old dog when I was little.

It was a lot more photogenic than the little Sussex dog walking tracks I grew up with, to be fair.

Great gushing falls and full-fronded ferns-- it was a beauteous place to spend the afternoon. 

Speaking of-- that won't be the last you hear of those good old Cumbrian Ferns. They're in my July favourites, for one, but I grew a real affinity for them. If my garden wasn't so square I would have decked the whole thing out in ferns the second I got home. They're my new Monstera Deliciosa. Cheese plants out, get the Ferns in!

And finally, not to forget the real star of the day-- I spotted a wee little mole digging a hole as we started to head off home. Look at his sweet little fluffy bum! I said to Sam's Mum and Dad that I would have snuck him in my pocket if no one was looking and I think I said it a bit too mad-eyed because they believed me. Any time we saw another fluffy animal on the holiday they asked if I would want that too ("sheep, Steph? Would you take this sheep??". Sadly not.

Until next time everybody! I'll see you on Wednesday unless I've fallen in a well of Sangria and can't get out. 

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