Saturday, July 30

Top Tips for a Happy Life #26

Hi everyone! Sometimes in life you just want a bit of acid-bright blue, am I right? No? Apologies to your retinas.

Wednesday, July 27

Karma Karma Karma

Hi all, today I'm wondering how many thousands of pounds of Chameleon-themed merchandise has been affixed with a dodgy Karma theme since that song came out. It's unavoidable, right? It's like when sailor stripes come back in fashion every year and retailers can't resist slapping 'nautical but nice' on every placard (it's my greatest peeve of all time). Anyway, this week's Midweek Mammal comes to you in good spirits as I am currently in the midst of my holiday.

Monday, July 25

Ambleside, Cumbria

Hi all! I'm here today bringing you my first post chronicling my stay in the Lake District! Funnily enough, it's actually Barcelona Day One for me at the mo and so I'll be presenting these photos of rainy Britain from Sunny Spain. Olé!

Saturday, July 23

Top Tips for a Happy Life #25

Good morning everybody! I hope you are all well. I wanted to introduce a bit of a Spanish influence into this week's 'Top Tip' as tomorrow I am going to Barcelona! I'm planning on Sangria for breakfast and Paella for lunch--Tapas for any other time of the day. I'm ready for Rioja, people!

Wednesday, July 20

Midweek Mammal

Hi everyone! This week's 'Midweek Mammal' is inspired by a little critter I encountered in the Lake District last week. Blobby, fluffy, a bit indiscernible... Can't you see it's a little mole?

Monday, July 18

Monday Snapshot

Hi everyone! I recently spent the day at the beautiful Eastwell Manor estate in Kent for a family wedding! The venue was so stunning that I thought you guys might like to see a few photos.

Saturday, July 16

Top Tips for a Happy Life #24

Morning everyone! This week's 'Top Tip' is coming to you live from the Lake District. Sadly it's my last day here today but I wanted to encapsulate the spirit of the lakes in a painting before I leave.

Wednesday, July 13

Midweek Mammal

Morning everybody! Here's a tidbit for you-- I was a Zebra in my year one school play. It was a Noah's Ark production and I was paired up with my best friend at the time (hi Megan!) to march along two-by-two.

Monday, July 11

Monday Moodboard

Untitled #148

Hi everyone! You may or may not know that I am  currently in the midst of decorating the house that I share with Sam, and in recent weeks we've really been trying hard to get the living room finished. We figure that it's the room that guests will see the most and also its a good place for us to spend quality time when we happen to wind up having corresponding shifts off work. Sam's sort of left most of the decor up to me, but I obviously want his opinion too and so rather than send him 200 links to Zara Home every day I've found it helpful to create mood boards every now and then to help gauge if he likes the vibes.

Saturday, July 9

Top Tips for a Happy Life #23

Hi all! For this week's Top Tip I thought I would spread some body positivity! It's getting to that time of year where bits of bods are getting brought out that are usually kept safe under tights and jumpers, and we could all use a bit of optimism. This lovely quote is from 'I Like Giants' by Kimya Dawson.

Wednesday, July 6

For Jenny

Hi all! It was recently my very good friend Jenny's birthday and to celebrate I painted a quick portrait of one of her doggies and thought you might like to see for this week's #MidweekMammal :)

Monday, July 4

July Mixtape

Hi everyone! I thought I would present another mixtape to you all as we're now all settled into July. I'm not one for drum and bass on a jetty, so this is 18 tracks for listening to when you're sat in the garden on hot dust, wasting an afternoon not doing anything, feeling heat on the back of your neck and hoping for a breeze.

Saturday, July 2

Top Tips for a Happy Life #22

Hi everyone! I can't believe we're at #22, my lucky number. I hope you are all in exceptional health and having a good week. As you are reading this I will be tucked up in cosy cottage bed, probably with a heavy head, following a big old wedding last night!