Saturday, June 18

Top Tips for a Happy Life #20

Happy Saturday all! I hope you're well. This week's 'Top Tip' comes from a play close to my heart, The Tempest. Much like Macbeth, this was a play I seemed to wind up studying at every possible stage of my education.

This week's quote, "let us not burthen our remembrance with a heaviness that's gone", seems to me like a good reminder to to be positive and honest with yourself. Whether it's a break up, an unhappy ending, or even a loss, when something has got you down it's easy to forget that good times were ever close by. If you let yourself think things were bad, it can be easier to forget about it. It's natural to be sad, but it can be unfair to yourself to make a memory from yesterday something it wasn't by tarnishing it with something that happened today. Things can change, or break, or stop, and that may be sad now, but eventually you'll remember that things were good once and you can learn to appreciate it for how it was whilst moving forward. Who knows, this can mean whatever you want it to, but I like to look at it as a way to let yourself move forward whilst also letting yourself be honest. Let me know what you think.
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