Wednesday, June 29

The Cockatiel

Hi all! This week's contribution to Midweek Mammals/Animals Inexplicably With Leaves is the humble but lovely Cockatiel (and a cheese plant). I follow quite a few arty types on Instagram, and for some reason quite a few of them seem to have pet birds. You could say it is the nature of an artist to want to observe beauty even if it's at the cost of freedom... A sort of tragic poetry that would appeal to the creative soul. I just wanted to paint little blushy cheeks and the colour yellow.

As you will well know if you've been following the blog for a while, I'm having a bit of a tropical plant 'moment'. Essentially, I want what I can't have, and what I can't have is a lot of expensive houseplants. One, because they cost money, and two because I'm going away for nearly all of July and won't have anyone to water them. I also would like a Cockatiel but Sam is opposed to keeping them in a cage (he doesn't have an artistic soul... just a considerate one). For now, I'll just have to entertain myself with the rook that sometimes flies in my dad's garden and tries to eat the frogs.

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