Wednesday, June 22

St Bernard

Hi everyone! For this week's 'Midweek Mammal', I really just wanted to draw a big old fluffy dog.

I took a quiz recently, as you do, my sisters were all asking, to see which kind of dog I would be. We had a few Retrievers and Chihuahuas in our midst, but I was elected the trusty St Bernard. Loyal, intelligent, good in alpine climates... I would like to say there was a resemblance there. I would also have been happy with Dalmatian (I like monochrome aesthetically and am a bit loopy emotionally) or some kind of Spaniel due to my love for fluffy hair around my ears and a penchant for the countryside (also, a bit unhinged).

Hope you've been enjoying this somewhat weird series of 'animals inexplicably with leaves'. Let me know what kind of dog you would be, I want to know. Are you a Dachshund or a Doberman?
Until next time,

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