Monday, June 6

Lepidoptera Lovers Anonymous

Hi everyone! I recently went to see the 'Sensational Butterflies' exhibition at the Natural History Museum with my good friend Jen and thought it might be nice to share a few pictures.

There were dozens of different species floating around, all beautiful and all hell-bent on not posing on me for a photo op.

The butterfly tent was filled with all sorts of tropical plants, with the humidity sent to one notch below 'sweat beads visible'. 

Perfect weather for butterflies, a bit toasty for me (leather jacket was a mistake).

That being said, the butterflies were pretty keen on Jenny's yellow jumper.

(I think she may have been keen on them too)

The exhibit also had a little area showing all the incubating chrysalises. Some were teeny weeny and others nearly the size of bananas.

We saw this little guy emerge right before our eyes. Did you know there have been studies that show that when caterpillars mulch down inside their cocoons, the mush still retains consciousness? 

Scientists did experiments on caterpillars, playing them particular sounds and recording their response, and they were shown to have the same response as butterflies after their transformation.

Pretty cool right? Sentient goo?

There were also all different varieties of moth flying around. Some fuzzy, some small, some tall.

Some more friendly than others...

I think this means we are Disney princesses now, right??

You can't get much more princessy than having a butterfly delicately balancing on the tippy-tip of your finger.

Maybe perched politely on your shoulder?

Popped prettily on your jacket? (Thanks to miscellaneous child for the helpful finger)

Three Posing Princesses.

Surrounded by verdant green.

And in every colour of the rainbow.

Radiant Red...

A sort of Oriental orange-tip. 

And all sorts of multi coloured. A butterfly for everyone :)

Until next time!

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