Wednesday, June 15

Cheetahs Never Prosper

Evening everyone! Sorry this week's Midweek Mammal is a bit late in the day, I personally have been suffering from a horrible cold these past few days, and to mirror that my internet connection has been having a nervous breakdown too. Anyway, this week's Cheetah was inspired by my intense desire to be somewhere hot at the mo, ideally with chic tropical plants around every corner.

As Sam and I have been going around trying to sort out some house bits (sofa sorted now, for those interested), the one thing I've been patiently been holding out for-- but eagerly anticipating-- is the inevitable trip to Homebase to nab a load of plants for the inside and outside. I want ferns, Ivy, cheese plants, Birds of Paradise, Wysteria, Lavender, the lot. I love a bit of greenery (and purple-ery). 

For now, I am letting myself live vicariously through this pretty little cheetah who is enviously close to cool tropical plants.

Until next time everybody, I hope you're feeling better than I am!

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