Monday, June 13

Calligraphy @ Quill

Hi everyone! I recently visited  Quill-- it's a stationary shop/calligraphy studio who were offering free sample classes, so my friend Jen and I thought we would give it a visit.

They were doing taster classes starting at 1pm, but it was so busy that we went for a wander around the block until there was a slot for us.

The studio was beautiful, a Pinterest dreamscape if I ever saw one-- succulents here there and everywhere and pink leather-strapped floating shelves.

There was a good mix in our bunch, some novices, some more experienced, all keen to learn. To our left was a lady who I think said ran her own cheese shop and wanted to write her own signage and labels, and to our right seemed to be a party trying to perfect their letters in preparation for a wedding. We were smack bang in the middle, just enjoying having a go with pens and feeling a bit like pirates (can you spot Blackbeard?).

All in all, a good old hoot. They do classes regularly, but get booked up pretty quickly. Definitely give a great way to spend the afternoon if you're in the area!

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