Saturday, May 21

Top Tips for a Happy Life #17

Hi everyone! In homage to my birthday tomorrow and in honour of a an old friend who recently got in contact, I decided to channel the inside of my teenage mind for this week's Top Tip. The quote is from the classic teen book series, 'Angus, Thongs & Full Frontal Snogging', and I like to look at it as a sort of Boy Scouts; "be prepared", gung-ho approach to life.

"It's ok, I'm wearing really big knickers" is a quote that in many ways appeals to me on a spiritual level. It says: I'm ready to face the world. It says: I'm doing things my way. It says: I have no fear of quite loose elastic around my belly button. Is it all just a bit of fun? Yes. But is it also a pretty good tip for get through life? One hundred percent. Don't worry about what people think all the bloomin' time, just get on with your life and get 'er done. And also, embrace the colour purple more. Where did purple go?

Until next time, Happy Birthday to me!

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