Wednesday, May 11


Hello everyone! This week's Midweek Mammal comes from somewhat unlikely origins, namely that I found a load of pink markers and I was desperate to use them.

Like most people who have ever had an interest in online art, I too was sucked into the realm of Copic Markers. That being said, I never quite managed to get to grips with them and so only wound up buying a couple. The ones I have and used today are R00 - "Pinkish White", W-3 - "Warm Gray No. 3",  B00 - "Frost Blue", and BV000 - "Iridescent Mauve". I also used a Letraset Pro Marker in Pale Pink, but it bled like Billio so I wouldn't recommend. The highlights were my trusty Signo Uni-Ball gel pen.

I hope you didn't mind this little Copic intermission... Sometimes it's just fun to try something new.

Until next time,

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