Monday, May 23

Homeware Wishlist

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Hi everyone! In the next few months, Sam and I will be embarking on renovating our house together, which is a process I thought might be fun to document on here for you guys to see.

Sam has given me pretty much free range when it comes to decor, with just a few things he would like me to consider. Firstly, he hates the 'all white' trend (which I read a very interesting article about on Design*Sponge recently). He also wants a lot of plants and greenery, and he wants to essentially say get rid to all the current furniture in the place. He also is iffy about rugs on carpet but I am choosing to ignore that particular request as I am the daughter of a floor layer and hence love a good rug,

We have been pinning a load of inspo pictures over on my pinterest, and have pretty much nailed down the concept for the living room, with every other room still sort of floating in the ether. We've been spending a while trying to match the exact paint colour we want, and once that's decided we can get on with everything. So far, all we've bought for the house is two decorative Anthropologie vases so it's fair to say we have a fair bit (read: everything) to buy still.

I'll keep you posted!

Homebase Blanket / Etsy Ceramic Vase / Maison Margiela 'Funfair Evening' EDP / Kate Spade Turtle Bag /  Venice Semi Flush Ceiling Light / Berber Rug / Cotton Diamond Rug / Kinfolk Home

Until next time,

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