Wednesday, May 18

Happy #MerMay!

Hello everyone! I'm bending the rules of Midweek Mammal a bit this week as I would argue that being 50% human, mermaid are 50% mammal and hence eligible. For those not in the know, the has been a tag going around online called #MerMay, which invites people to draw a mermaid to celebrate the jolly month of May.

I recently watched Splash online, and it inspired me to draw a bronzed Daryl Hannah-esque mermaid. don't tell me you didn't want massively over-crimped blonde hair after that movie, I know that you did. It was magnificent hair. Anyway, if you're a fan of a mermaid or two, make sure to go and browse the tag on Tumblr and Instagram... It's a joyous time.

Anyway, until next time,

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