Sunday, May 8

Draw With Me #2 - Harry Potter Edition

Hello everyone! No, it's not deja-vu-- I'm reuploading last week's Draw With Me as there were a few technical glitches that reared their heads in the final video. Namely that four minutes of footage was missing! Not ideal. Anywhere, here is the full video as intended, hope you enjoy :)

This one was a bit of a challenge to film, but I hope you enjoy it and let me know your thoughts. The first problem I had with this one is that it just took a lot longer to draw and paint than my last video. This meant that a) it quickly got too dark to film and b) my memory card just didn't have the space!

Rookie errors, I know. What this meant, sadly, is that there were several times I thought it was filming, only to check to footage and see that the camera had cut out filming-- argh! Towards the end I wound up rotating memory cards to finish the footage, which I thought was a genius move. Unfortunately, not that genius as all the flipping about meant that some of the footage got corrupted. First world problems, people. That being said, 90% of the footage made it through, which is super duper.

Anyway, I hope you've been liking these videos so far. I would say the learning curve has been a vertical line so far, but I don't mind that :) Be sure to subscribe to my youtube, Bear + Crocodile (link in the sidebar that way -> ) if you want your eyes peeled for more.

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