Monday, May 16

100 Day Project Round Up #2

Hi everyone! I have all the posts you may have missed from my #100DayProject series over on Instagram. This roundup comes to you with a bit of a mixture of messages, which you may already have noticed if you follow me on other social media.

You may have spotted that I have decided to stop posting my project pictures online at the moment. For me, this was because I intended to use the project to practice my sketches and get more in the habit of doing quick little doodles again rather than big final pieces. I started to really enjoy this, but I really wanted to be able to do quick sketches without having to work on making them super tidy and polished. The perfectionist in me didn't really enjoy posting these pictures on Instagram as I really liked curating my profile and making it pretty and thematic. I found that my sketches were cluttering up my profile and to be honest I just didn't like the way it looked. I am still sketching every day, but I'm just keeping them locked in my sketchbook for now, tucked away safe and sound :)  

That being said, I have compiled a round up of my last ten posts of the series, and of course they are still up to see on my Instagram and Tumblr for the mean time.


My sister Abbie

Mary Poppins

Selena Gomez

Elizabeth Swann

Clare Danes

Harley Quinn

Sarah Ashcroft


Samwise Gamgee

Princess Leia

Until next time,

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