Saturday, May 28

Top Tips for a Happy Life #18

Hello everybody! I'm going to be honest with you guys--- I know that this week's Top Tip is by no means a 'tip'. Much like last week, I've stretched the meaning of what a 'tip' is, in order that it might also include general quotes that inspire pause for thought and interesting insights into a more mindful and happy life. Excuse accepted? Good! This week's inspiration was drawn from 'Hamilton', the musical.

Wednesday, May 25

The Greater Sooty Owl

Hi everyone! Today's post was inspired by one of my favourite artists on Instagram, Kelzuki. At the moment she's completing a series based on all the different types of owls in the world and it just made me want to get involved.

Monday, May 23

Homeware Wishlist

Untitled #145

Hi everyone! In the next few months, Sam and I will be embarking on renovating our house together, which is a process I thought might be fun to document on here for you guys to see.

Saturday, May 21

Top Tips for a Happy Life #17

Hi everyone! In homage to my birthday tomorrow and in honour of a an old friend who recently got in contact, I decided to channel the inside of my teenage mind for this week's Top Tip. The quote is from the classic teen book series, 'Angus, Thongs & Full Frontal Snogging', and I like to look at it as a sort of Boy Scouts; "be prepared", gung-ho approach to life.

Wednesday, May 18

Happy #MerMay!

Hello everyone! I'm bending the rules of Midweek Mammal a bit this week as I would argue that being 50% human, mermaid are 50% mammal and hence eligible. For those not in the know, the has been a tag going around online called #MerMay, which invites people to draw a mermaid to celebrate the jolly month of May.

Monday, May 16

100 Day Project Round Up #2

Hi everyone! I have all the posts you may have missed from my #100DayProject series over on Instagram. This roundup comes to you with a bit of a mixture of messages, which you may already have noticed if you follow me on other social media.

Saturday, May 14

Top Tips for a Happy Life #16

Hi everyone! I was really inspired this week to do a piece inspired my one of my favourite books; Frankenstein. I also wanted to dip my toes back into digital artwork and now seemed like a good time!

Wednesday, May 11


Hello everyone! This week's Midweek Mammal comes from somewhat unlikely origins, namely that I found a load of pink markers and I was desperate to use them.

Monday, May 9


Hi all! I was in the middle of writing a completely different post until I suddenly realised that this would be my 200th blog entry! I remember writing my 100th post and so couldn't believe 200 had come by so quickly. To celebrate, I thought I would do a roundup of my five favourite posts since number 100.

Sunday, May 8

Draw With Me #2 - Harry Potter Edition

Hello everyone! No, it's not deja-vu-- I'm reuploading last week's Draw With Me as there were a few technical glitches that reared their heads in the final video. Namely that four minutes of footage was missing! Not ideal. Anywhere, here is the full video as intended, hope you enjoy :)

Saturday, May 7

Top Tips for a Happy Life #15

Hi everyone! If you follow me on twitter/instagram/tumblr you will have already seen this post as I uploaded it early on Wednesday to coincide with Star Wars day (May the Fourth). It's something I just fancied working on a little while ago for my Top Tips series, and then as it happened it coincided (nearly) perfectly with Star Wars day-- how's that for The Force?

Wednesday, May 4

Little Donkey

Hi all :) This week's Midweek Mammal is a sum of many things, though first and foremost-- it is a cute lil' donkey.

Monday, May 2

May Mixtape

Hello again! It's the first Monday of the month which means it's time for another mixtape. May is actually my birthday month so this time around I've gone for songs that just make me feel good.