Saturday, April 30

Top Tips for a Happy Life #14

Hi everyone! I decided to take a different approach with this week's 'top tip' and go for an eye-searing psychedelic pencil theme. Hope that's alright with you!

I was slightly less original when it came to finding a quote for this week, as it was one I had seen floating around quite a bit recently. If it wasn't yet apparent, the quote of from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. The quote:

"I'm not strange, weird, off, nor crazy, my reality is just different from yours"

is a bit of a Wonderland classic to me, and a good life lesson too. Whether for better or for worse, we all see the world through different eyes and that's just the way it is. Whether you see cats that talk, only like red apples,  or think it's a good idea to draw a huge picture featuring the colour neon green-- it's the way we all look at the world differently that give us a diverse viewpoint-- or at least, gives us something good to argue about. 

Love you all,
until next time,


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