Saturday, April 16

Top Tips for a Happy Life #12

Hello everyone! Another Top Tip with somewhat unlikely origins this week, but one I quite like.

This week's quote;

"Not all victories are about saving the universe"

is actually from Doctor Who, believe it or not, and was suggested to me by my sister Abbie (thank you sissy).

I was also inspired by a feature from one of my favourite arty sites, They used to do a Spacesuit of the Week featuring different interpretations from around the web. I think the series might be defunct now but it was a favourite of mine.

In the context of the show, from what I remember, it's from the episode The God Complex which is about a spooky motel with everyone's worst nightmare in each room. The Doctor has been whizzing around fighting crime, saving the universe, as it were, meanwhile one of the hotel visitors dies tragically for the cause. All the more tragic, says Rory, as he had only just gotten over a stutter. Not huge in the big scheme of things, but to that one person, a truly huge achievement. That's when he says to the Doctor-- "I had forgotten not all victories are about saving the universe".

A nice reminder that the little things in life can still be big things. Whether it's going to the gym once a week, remembering to make lunch everyday, or keeping your blog on schedule against all odds (!!), we should all allow ourselves the time to be proud of our little successes.

Have you done something to be proud of this week?

Until next time,

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