Saturday, April 2

Top Tips for a Happy Life #10

Hi everyone :) Happy April to you all! Personally, this is another one of those months-- like October-- that are great because they're just on the cusp of something. Spring is one of those seasons in England that is sort of blink-and-you'll-miss-it. I like April because it nearly gets there, and lets you get exited for warmer weather and nature at it's prettiest.

This week I was really inspired to start thinking about life outdoors and getting a bit more invested in nature. I used to work as a gardener and despite it being hard work, it was nice to get to spend my mornings outside.

On a different note, I really liked my Top Tip for a Happy Life from a few weeks ago (this one, number #8) and so decided to do this illustration in a similar style. By no means do I claim to have OCD or anything like that, but I do like seeing things lined up in a neat line. Sam laughs at me sometimes because for some reason I've got in the habit of lining up all my food in a straight line on my plate when I'm nearly done. I don't know why. I just like things to look organised, so I hope you like this week's little glimpse of some gardening bits and bobs and find the square format as pleasing as I do :)

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