Monday, April 18

People Pleasing

Hello everyone! I decided to steer this week's monday post in a slightly different direction this week. Two directions, as a matter of fact.

One thing I have noticed in recent weeks is a bit of a disconnect between my digital and traditional art style. Since I've been drawing more traditionally, I've noticed that I have been drawn to very different subject matter than when I was drawing digitally. You don't have to look back far on the blog to see that when I was drawing digitally I was mostly drawing people-- bands, tv shows, singers I liked, etc. I noticed that on the flip side, my watercolour/traditional work has become mostly object based. My instinct tells me that this is because I find people a little bit harder to draw, and so find it easier to draw digitally as I can wiggle proportions and move wonky limbs around. For this reason, when I took the transition back to watercolour I think my interest in drawing people waned away.

However, I recently have been inspired by a few different artists to give the figures another go. I'm not sure how long I will keep it up or keep inspired, but I'm hoping to draw at least one human being-- cartoony/realistic or whatever I decide-- traditionally, per month. I also thought what better person to start with than myself, both literally and figuratively (that's a 'little crocodile' I'm holding, for those who didn't get whats going on aka my focus group aka my sister). I am determined to try and match my digital style with my new traditional materials, so forgive any growing pains I may have in the mean time.

The other thing I wanted to mention as that I also did something a little bit different with this illustration-- I recorded it! Coming soon to a youtube near you :) Make sure to subscribe to my channel (link in the sidebar) to see it when it's uploaded. I just thought it would be something fun as I personally love watching Draw With Me videos (I may well do a top artists of youtube post in the upcoming weeks).

In other news regarding places you can find me on the internet, I've recently uploaded all my art from this blog onto Tumblr, if that's the kind of place you'd like to be. You can find me @little-crocodile

I hope you're all having a marvellous monday,
until next time,

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