Monday, April 11

Mini Cass Art Haul

Hello everyone! I recently had a little trip to Brighton with Sam and my sisters, and while I was there I took a little visit to Cass Art to pick up some supplies.

As you may remember from my 'Tools of the Trade' post, I have been using a pretty piddly set of watercolours for a little while now. I felt like it was time for a bit of a change and have a bit of an upgrade. I spotted a Winsor & Newton set reduced in the sale which looked pretty good, and Sam bought them for me as a bit of a gift as I was being my typical indecisive self (#Gemini). I haven't used them yet, but if you're looking for some new paints then they're still reduced on the website so might be worth a look :)

You may also remember that I quite like to follow the work of an illustrator online called Holly Exley, and she often speaks in her youtube videos and blog posts about the Cass Art Watercolour Paper Pads and so I wanted to give them a try. Up until now the paper I have been using isn't especially meant for watercolours and most of the time it suits me, but I thought I might look into slightly better quality paper if my new watercolours wound up being a bit more intense. Sometimes it's just nice to try new materials I think. I got the a5 this time-- slightly wishing I had gone for a4 now but I'll see how I get on with it before going back.

The final two things I got I found thanks to my sister Ellie who I sent on a hunt. I've mentioned before that I really wanted to get a teeny weeny paintbrush for edges and details, but hadn't found one exactly how I wanted until now. I wanted a really small nib on the brush but I also wanted the bristles to be short (basically I wanted exactly my Mac eyeliner brush, I realise now). Anyway, she found mea tiny ProArte 2/0 brush from their Polar range (not individually online, but here is a link to a set) which seemed pretty close to mark. ProArte is another range that Holly recommended so I thought I would give it a go. I haven't used it yet but I will let you know how I get on with it.

My final item is one that is probably so boring but is exactly what I've been after for a while now-- a tiny eraser pen. I know it's so sad that this is interesting to me but I've been wanting one for so long. I feel like a lot of my drawings are quite small or at least have small details and it's been a real nuisance trying to erase things without wiping out the whole drawing as well (although, that being said, the Faber-Castell dust-free erasers I've been using are pretty good, they're just big and stubby).

Anyway, that's my little art haul for you. Not a lot of things, but a good few bits to add in to my drawing routine. I was happy to stumble across a good art shop as there aren't really any where I live, so I wanted to make the best of it while I was there.

Until next time,

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