Wednesday, April 27

Midweek Mammal

Hi all! This week's mammal was a bit of a serendipitous pick. I feel like cows have been (figuratively) following me for the last few weeks, to the point where I felt like it was really becoming inevitable that I would have to draw one.
This particular drawing was inspired by a picture posted by one of my favourite arty instagrammers, @lily.anja, who recently shared a photo of a sweet little highland cow frolicking in a field (look here and aww, and also follow her). A week or so ago I also got sent a twitter account called @cowswithhearts, which is an account that spams out photos of cute cows surrounded by heart emojis, as you might expect. It brings me such joy on my timeline that I wanted you all to know. Join the love fest.
Also, I bought a new white pen recently. Can you tell I wanted an opportunity to test it? I'll try not to go so ham (pun not intentional) next time.
Speaking of, I'll see you soon,

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