Wednesday, April 6

Midweek Mammal / Arundel Boating Lake

Hello everyone! I'm interrupting your regularly scheduled Midweek Mammal post for something a bit different this week. 
I recently went to visit the boating lake in Arundel and thought I would share some photos as it was such a beautiful day.
I decided to do a GCSE-style response to my trip and so illustrated the little Coot above. Sam had never seen one before-- isn't that bizarre? Are they a Sussex thing? Who knows. Anyway, the main reason we came were actually for the boats, not the wild fowl, and so towards the boats we headed---after a bit of a walk around the lake to take in the good weather.
Some mallards below-- Sam was familiar with these, thank the lord.
Do they not have the same birds in Kent? These are the things that keep me up at night.
Do you know what else keeps me up at night? Rampant sheep. I'm thinking of investing in one of these 'WARNING Sheep' signs. You never know. 
 I love that you can see Arundel Castle in the distance below. We visited there too and it's basically my home now. I decided I needed a turret in my future house and so that's something I need to get checked off ASAP. I'll keep you posted.
We made our way around before heading back towards the boats.
I'm really drawn to all the little crooks and crevices that you can spot in nature. Like these mushrooms growing up the side of the bank. They just seem a little bit fairytale to me.
I love the look of this little lagoon too. Doesn't it look like the kind of bayou you could find a crocodile? Am I crazy? Let me know via postcard. 
Before long, we were back at the boats.

We were designated the (ominous, yet also accurately named) Oops a Daisy. Sam took the helm (brave man) and tried his best to row us around the lake. He's as good a rower as I am an ice skater and I'll leave it at that. I was also quite awful, but at least every time we crashed it gave us a chance to look at the scenery.

If you're ever near Arundel, or just any body of water that has rentable boats on it, definitely give it a go this summer. If you're a good boatsman you'll have a hoot, and if you're a terrible boatsman you'll still have a hoot.

I hope you've all had a good week so far :)
Until next time,

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