Saturday, April 30

Top Tips for a Happy Life #14

Hi everyone! I decided to take a different approach with this week's 'top tip' and go for an eye-searing psychedelic pencil theme. Hope that's alright with you!

Wednesday, April 27

Midweek Mammal

Hi all! This week's mammal was a bit of a serendipitous pick. I feel like cows have been (figuratively) following me for the last few weeks, to the point where I felt like it was really becoming inevitable that I would have to draw one.

Monday, April 25


Hello everyone! I just wanted to use today's post to accounce that I am doing ElleLuna's #The100DayProject over on my instagram @bearandcrocodile. I also thought it might be fun to a bit of a roundup post for those of you that don't follow me over there :) 

Sunday, April 24

Draw with Me #1

Hello everyone! I have a bonus post for you today-- a Draw With Me video!

Saturday, April 23

Top Tips for a Happy Life #13 / Blog Makeover

Hello everyone! This week's Top Tip has a bit of a Harry Potter theme, mostly because I've been addicted to the Harry Potter marathon that's been on Sky Family recently (in other news... been loving Sky Family)
As you may have noticed, the blog has had a minor facelift in recent days, this is an update that comes with a bit of an announcement! As you can already tell, I have decided to change the name of the blog. This was for mostly practical reasons; I have been working on a secret project this week and it really made me want to get all my links and social media accounts in order. I've loved being Little Crocodile, but it irked me to no end that I couldn't get the same URL on Tumblr and Instagram and all the rest as it was already taken. I decided to amalgamate my blog name with my other favourite animal and in doing so have managed to wrangle a more google-friendly username (that being said, at the mo if you google Bear + Crocodile the first thing that comes up are animal fight videos which is a different kettle of fish entirely).
The other news that comes with this update is that I now have an Etsy account! You can find me via the link in the sidebar or else by searching Bear + Crocodile (or if you're really lazy, I'll link it at the end of this post). I hadn't intended my Etsy exactly now, but I really wanted to dibs the username while I was on a bit of a username spree and so listing items were part of the Etsy signup process. That being said, I do already have a commission so it seems like now was a good a time as any! 
The other news is not exactly new, but it's something that I'm happy to let you all know about-- I have a youtube channel! It's been linked in the sidebar for a while now but I've not promoted it much because there's not been much on it. That being said... It might be worth your while to subscribe right about now. I'll leave it at that :)
So, moving on, I hope you all like the new blog and have a good nose around all my newly updated social media. Do follow me across the platforms if you're not already and I'll speak to you all soon!
Until next time,
☆ Youtube - Bear + Crocodile

Wednesday, April 20


Hello everybody! This week's Midweek Mammal is one I know and love very well-- Bertie the Collie/Lurcher :)

Monday, April 18

People Pleasing

Hello everyone! I decided to steer this week's monday post in a slightly different direction this week. Two directions, as a matter of fact.

Saturday, April 16

Top Tips for a Happy Life #12

Hello everyone! Another Top Tip with somewhat unlikely origins this week, but one I quite like.

This week's quote;

"Not all victories are about saving the universe"

is actually from Doctor Who, believe it or not, and was suggested to me by my sister Abbie (thank you sissy).

I was also inspired by a feature from one of my favourite arty sites, They used to do a Spacesuit of the Week featuring different interpretations from around the web. I think the series might be defunct now but it was a favourite of mine.

In the context of the show, from what I remember, it's from the episode The God Complex which is about a spooky motel with everyone's worst nightmare in each room. The Doctor has been whizzing around fighting crime, saving the universe, as it were, meanwhile one of the hotel visitors dies tragically for the cause. All the more tragic, says Rory, as he had only just gotten over a stutter. Not huge in the big scheme of things, but to that one person, a truly huge achievement. That's when he says to the Doctor-- "I had forgotten not all victories are about saving the universe".

A nice reminder that the little things in life can still be big things. Whether it's going to the gym once a week, remembering to make lunch everyday, or keeping your blog on schedule against all odds (!!), we should all allow ourselves the time to be proud of our little successes.

Have you done something to be proud of this week?

Until next time,

Wednesday, April 13

Arundel Castle

Hi everyone! I have another little travel post for you on this fine monday. As you may remember, the other week I went to visit the boating lake in Arundel. While I was there I figured I might as well visit the castle too!

Monday, April 11

Mini Cass Art Haul

Hello everyone! I recently had a little trip to Brighton with Sam and my sisters, and while I was there I took a little visit to Cass Art to pick up some supplies.

Saturday, April 9

Top Tips for a Happy Life #11

Hi everyone! Today's Top Tip comes from what I personally would consider an unlikely source for positive life mantras-- Macbeth!

Wednesday, April 6

Midweek Mammal / Arundel Boating Lake

Hello everyone! I'm interrupting your regularly scheduled Midweek Mammal post for something a bit different this week. 

Monday, April 4

April Mixtape

 Hi all! As we spring into April I have another mixtape for you, something a little bit retro this month but something to hopefully get your toes tapping and in a good mood.

Saturday, April 2

Top Tips for a Happy Life #10

Hi everyone :) Happy April to you all! Personally, this is another one of those months-- like October-- that are great because they're just on the cusp of something. Spring is one of those seasons in England that is sort of blink-and-you'll-miss-it. I like April because it nearly gets there, and lets you get exited for warmer weather and nature at it's prettiest.