Saturday, March 26

Top Tips For a Happy Life #9

Hi all :) Do you know, I'm not sure if it's because I watched a lot of Spiderman growing up or because I'm more of a new-age millennial than I realised, but often think about my life in alternate universes.

By that, I don't mean on another planet, or a universe where I only breathe lemons and my shoes are made of plankton, I just mean what would have happened if I had made different decisions in life. For instance, I often imagine myself living in a pastel blue townhouse in Amsterdam, riding a bicycle to work and coming home to three Russian Blues and a Ragdoll cat, spending my afternoons painting watercolour renditions of literary classics. Another alternate universe life I have is living in a Jakarta high-rise, fake tanned, sporty, a newfoundland I jog with probably named Tyson or Rex. There's no particular logic to these fantasies, I just often like to imagine what alternate-Steph is up to if I'm having a particularly tedious day.

Another one of my alternate lives I like to imagine is one where I live in a cosy country cottage, perhaps in the neighbourhood of some wild deer, loads of rabbits, and pheasants roaming around merrily. My little dream cottage varies from the seaside, up a mountain, in the woods, but always with a pretty little brick-and-mortar front wall hidden by Wysteria. I would love to have a Wysteria house one day. Even if I wind up living in a cardboard box I think I would probably try and coax some to grow up the cracks, foundation damage be damned. There's something about the dripping purple petals that make houses look fresh out of a fairytale. I will get my Wysteria one day! I just need to remember to keep my head up, as Ben Howard says, and my heart strong :)

Much love,

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