Saturday, March 19

Top Tips For a Happy Life #8

Hello everyone! I've taken a slightly different approach with this week's Top Tip, as I was feeling incredibly inspired by a recent illustration by the fab watercolourist Holly Exley. She's recently launched an amazing new series on her blog called 'Women Who Own it' which I am very excited to see more of, so definitely have a look at her blog if you have the time :) Anyway, this week's post is based on a quote that I feel is incredibly motivating, personally-- "smooth seas don't make good sailors".

It's a quote I've seen floating about for a long time now, and google tells me it's actually a song lyric, from a song of the same name by band Neck Down. My sixteen year old self would probably love the tune, I have to say it's not so much to my taste these days but you can't have it all.

I tried a bit of a different approach with this piece and I have to say I quite like it. Do tell me what you think :)

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