Monday, March 21

Tools of the Trade

Hi everybody :) I'm sure it's been hard not to notice there's been a few content-related changes around here in recent weeks. By that, I do of course mean the drive towards more arty content. For me, it was just a natural transition of what interests me and what I like to do in my spare time. I have a few bits and bobs planned in the next few weeks, including a few little spotlights on other artists that I like. With the emphasis turning ever so slightly to other people, I thought it might be nice to do a little focus on myself first and the things I like to use when I'm drawing.

Firstly, when it comes to watercolours, my set is pretty limited. I have a little set of basic colours that I think I picked up for a few quid in Canterbury. They're nothing special, the brand nondescript, and pigmentation not great but they work for the moment for the little bits I'm doing. 
The brushes are a Daler Rowney set, again not a vast selection but they do for me. I'm looking to get a really teeny-weeny brush for details and lining soon, and I also want to pick up some white gouache as I'm using acrylic for details at the mo and it's just not quite cutting the mustard I must say.

For drawing, particularly my "Top Tips" series, I tend to use the same tools each time. A Rotring Mechanical pencil in 0.1 and a Mitsubishi Fineliner in 0.1. Occasionally I will use a Copic Ciao marker if I want shading or a bit of colour, my favourite colours at the moment are Pale Grape and Warm Gray, but I have a few other pastel colours too. I also use a White Paint Pen sometimes for little speckles and sparkles and things :)
Sketchbook-wise, I'm not that picky. My watercolour pictures are never really detailed enough for me to feel like they need specialised watercolour paper,  and likewise my pen sketches tend to be pretty flat and so I'm happy just to use plain smooth paper. I've been using these Hobbycraft sketchbooks for a while now, mostly because I'm a stationary hoarder and I like to try and collect all the colours, but also because they're pretty cheap, come in all different sizes and suit my doodles quite well. 
When it comes to digital illustration, I have been using sort of the same thing for a long time. I had a Wacom Volito 2 tablet for years, and it still works now, but sadly it's decades out of date for my laptop (a Macbook Pro) and so isn't compatible any more. I now have a Wacom Bamboo (it may be called an Intuos now actually), which does more or less the same thing. I have the basic model, which I use with Photoshop CC. I've used Paint Tool Sai and other digital programs in the past, but I'm so used to the Creative Suite software that I more or less just use that now.

Anyway, that's a bit of a guided tour of my pencil case (so to speak). I hope it was slightly interesting for you, personally I love being nosy at other people's things. 

See you soon,

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