Wednesday, March 16

Midweek Mammal

Hi all! The theme of this week's Midweek Mammal is, "Cheer up, Chicken!" I would agree if you said my chicken looks more pensive than sad, but the expression still stands. I've tried to find the etymology of "cheer up, chicken" online and it doesn't seem to exist, so I'm trusting you know what I'm talking about and it's not a weird regional thing. For those not in the know, I just mean "cheer up", and I'm calling you "chicken". God knows why.

This particular variety of chicken is called a "Brahma", and isn't she handsome? A very chic chicken in my opinion. My favourite would still be Booted Bantams due to their fashionable flares. Nothing like a seventies chicken in my opinion.

Until next time,

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