Wednesday, March 2

Midweek Mammal

Hello everyone! I decided last week that I quite enjoyed my 'Midweek Mammal' post and so I thought it might be fun to do another one :) This week is a bit of a throwback for me for reasons I shall explain-- it's an Island Fox.

When I was doing Art at college, I decided that I wanted to do a series of illustrations based on foxes for the sole reason that they basically freak me out. There were times when I would google foxes for research purposes and they would honestly leave me a bit spooked. I can not in any way explain why I have such a fox phobia, but I seriously did and I do and so thought it might be helpful to tackle it head on. 

In the end, I wound up focusing my project on the very sweet, small and endangered, Island Fox, purely because it was the most cute. Red foxes do still sort of freak me out a little bit, I'll be honest. When I was thinking of something pretty and doe-eyed I could doodle for the blog, the little Island Fox popped suddenly back into mind, and here we are.

I hope you've been enjoying all the regularity on the blog of late-- I'm looking to mix things up a bit soon, just getting my thinking cap on for now!

Until next time,

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