Wednesday, March 30

Midweek Mammal - British Shorthair

Hello everyone! I hope you are all well and aren't too far buried under Easter eggs still. I don't have a sweet tooth but also can't turn down food and so I generally struggle this time of year. Anyway, moving along-- this week's midweek mammal is definitely one of my favourites.

This week, I decided to do a little cat portrait, because I've been doing the most to try and convince Sam that we should get a cat a bit later down the line. As I've said before, we're pretty much sorted on the dog front, it's just cats that are cause for debate at the moment. I'm fully pro-cat, because they're a) easy maintenance b) hilarious c) fluffy and cute. So what if they knock over vases? Dogs will steal your food. I don't get the hate.

I also think that cats can be more charismatic-- take this British Shorthair for example.  It's aka the Iams cat and the Can Has Cheezeburger cat. I think they're hilarious to look at, with their slightly crazy orange eyes. 

Anyway, tell me your thoughts. Are you pro-cat or pro-dog? Or like me, who wants them both as well as a rabbit and a donkey (and chickens). I'm thinking I may need to rent a barn.

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