Monday, March 14


Hi everyone! Firstly let me say right off the bat-- my tribute is trite. I know, so trite. But I watched 'Amy' on 4od the other day and thought it was incredibly powerful and wanted to make sure I mentioned it.

For those who haven't watched it, the highly controversial documentary film chronicles the life and times of the late Amy Winehouse, showing her transition from East London Jazz singer to the massively famous artist and celebrity she became, and all her troubles along the way. It showed her battles with bulimia, drug addiction, alcohol abuse and depression, making a very hard watch at times.

I personally found the most jarring parts of the film to be the distressing experiences she had with the press towards the end of her life. Despite not hugely following her career at that time, I distinctly remember seeing the pictures splashed across the papers, and it was horrifying looking in retrospect and knowing what was really going on. There was one photo in particular, taken a few days after she left rehab when she was leaving her house with her then-husband Blake. Both bandaged up and knocked about, I remember it so vividly. Arms and legs loaded up with plasters and cotton pads, ankles skinny as tooth picks and tattoos vivid and black on her gaunt white skin. I remember seeing the photo and thinking she seemed wild behind the eyes, scary to look at. It stuck with me. Looking now, having seen behind the curtain, it is one of the most disturbing and upsetting things I can imagine being printed in a public magazine. Those bandages were holding her together, inside and out. I can't imagine the pain she must have been in, and how much her family would have been suffering. To be so publicly disintegrating must have been unbearable. 

A very sad documentary. Very telling, very harrowing and very touching. A real talent lost of course, but such a sad personal story of a person destroyed by love. Definitely try to watch it while it's still available online. Maybe keep the afternoon clear after though.

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