Monday, March 28

8 Arty Instagrams

Hi everyone! For a long time now, Instagram has been the platform I look to when I'm looking for a bit of inspiration. I like Pinterest and Tumblr as much as the next madam but I feel like Instagram is a  bit easier to navigate and find new people. Personally, I love following new people and finding new things and so I thought it might be nice to share the love today with a few of my favourites!

1 - @Katieisadaisy -  Katie is an artist who lives in a cottage in the woods somewhere sunny in America. She wakes up next to canoes and dandelions and that feeling of constant summer camp is reflected in her work. Bright, relaxed, cheerful and natural. A perfect account for a pick-me-up.

2 - @QuillandFox -  Yas is an artist who has worked her way up to owning her own paper shop. Those who know me will know that anything stationary-related or crafty is right up my street, and so the combination of prim and pithy watercolour illustrations and paper produce is something to go straight in my basket (excuse the expression).

3 - @Stephsayshello -  Another arty Steph (no relation); her focus is on hand lettering and graphic illustration, and I just love her eye for words. Her recent Hagrid-themed lettering is a favourite of mine. I love.

4 - @MarigoldandMars -  In recent weeks I have become slightly addicted to following modern embroidery accounts (a sentence I never thought I would say, more to come on this). Cristin of MarigoldandMars has been a real interest to me due to her slightly crazy, anachronistic artistic choices. Delicatedly embroidered f-bombs decorated with a leafy floral border? Sure thing.

5 - @PollyFern -  Polly is mainly a ceramicist, I believe, and her work just gives me a really peculiarly homey feeling. It's the sort of thing I can imagine admiring on a rainy afternoon with a cup of tea and Gardener's World. I cannot tell you why. I just love it. Her home illustrations are my absolute favourite though, I would love to live in one of her pretty gouache townhouses. 

6 - @Kelzuki -  Kelsey is someone I would say I followed only recently, but who has an account I find myself steadily becoming more familiar with. She loves a series, as do I, and so I've been loving seeing her updates on the various animal compendiums she's been completing. Her series on birds was a particular favourite of mine :)

7 - @Worthwhilepaper -  Kristen's Instagram is very 'Pinterest Mother', but in a way I quite enjoy. Beautiful paperware and cardstock, alongside prettily hand-lettered inspirational quotes and musings. One for the Kate Spade set.

8 - @GrizandNorm -  Griz and Norm are both illustrators at Disney, if that's not reason enough to follow already. They regularly post little snippets of what they're up to inside the Disney bubble, as well as gestural drawings and personal projects. They recently did a series based on Frida Kahlo which I loved. Definitely follow them if you like your art varied.

And that's it, my Super 8 as it were. Let me know if you have any must-follows and don't forget to follow me @little_croc. I decided to give the blog a bit more love on instagram so please follow if you want updates on what's coming up over here :)

Until next time, 

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