Wednesday, March 30

Midweek Mammal - British Shorthair

Hello everyone! I hope you are all well and aren't too far buried under Easter eggs still. I don't have a sweet tooth but also can't turn down food and so I generally struggle this time of year. Anyway, moving along-- this week's midweek mammal is definitely one of my favourites.

Monday, March 28

8 Arty Instagrams

Hi everyone! For a long time now, Instagram has been the platform I look to when I'm looking for a bit of inspiration. I like Pinterest and Tumblr as much as the next madam but I feel like Instagram is a  bit easier to navigate and find new people. Personally, I love following new people and finding new things and so I thought it might be nice to share the love today with a few of my favourites!

Sunday, March 27

Happy Easter!

Hello everyone! I squirrelled away this week to give you all an extra bonus post-- just a little bun to say Happy Easter :) 

Saturday, March 26

Top Tips For a Happy Life #9

Hi all :) Do you know, I'm not sure if it's because I watched a lot of Spiderman growing up or because I'm more of a new-age millennial than I realised, but often think about my life in alternate universes.

Wednesday, March 23

Midweek Mammal

Hello all! I originally uploaded this post as a draft late last night and captioned it, "hedgehogs are cute-- discuss".

Monday, March 21

Tools of the Trade

Hi everybody :) I'm sure it's been hard not to notice there's been a few content-related changes around here in recent weeks. By that, I do of course mean the drive towards more arty content. For me, it was just a natural transition of what interests me and what I like to do in my spare time. I have a few bits and bobs planned in the next few weeks, including a few little spotlights on other artists that I like. With the emphasis turning ever so slightly to other people, I thought it might be nice to do a little focus on myself first and the things I like to use when I'm drawing.

Saturday, March 19

Top Tips For a Happy Life #8

Hello everyone! I've taken a slightly different approach with this week's Top Tip, as I was feeling incredibly inspired by a recent illustration by the fab watercolourist Holly Exley. She's recently launched an amazing new series on her blog called 'Women Who Own it' which I am very excited to see more of, so definitely have a look at her blog if you have the time :) Anyway, this week's post is based on a quote that I feel is incredibly motivating, personally-- "smooth seas don't make good sailors".

Wednesday, March 16

Midweek Mammal

Hi all! The theme of this week's Midweek Mammal is, "Cheer up, Chicken!" I would agree if you said my chicken looks more pensive than sad, but the expression still stands. I've tried to find the etymology of "cheer up, chicken" online and it doesn't seem to exist, so I'm trusting you know what I'm talking about and it's not a weird regional thing. For those not in the know, I just mean "cheer up", and I'm calling you "chicken". God knows why.

Monday, March 14


Hi everyone! Firstly let me say right off the bat-- my tribute is trite. I know, so trite. But I watched 'Amy' on 4od the other day and thought it was incredibly powerful and wanted to make sure I mentioned it.

Saturday, March 12

Top Tips for a Happy Life #7

As I sit typing this post, I want you to know I've had a very trying day. When I say trying, I mean trying.  

Wednesday, March 9

Midweek Mammal

I don't know about you guys, but I really enjoy keeping things in threes. This is my third Midweek Mammal post and I just find that quite satisfying. I'm not an even numbers person.  I am a dog person though, which leads me onto this week's Midweek Mammal (I'm also a cat person but that's neither here nor there).

Monday, March 7

March Mixtape

Hello everyone! I hope you've all been enjoying March so far. Despite the fact that it's a horrifically busy month for me at work, in general March is a month that I've always seen as a sort of harbinger of sunnier times. Flowers are starting to pop out their buds with a bit more conviction, and blue skies don't seem quite so few and far between. A good month for fresh starts :) To help get motivated for March I've made a little mixtape full of positive tunes to usher in Spring, with artists like First Aid Kit, Best Coast, and Elvis Presley. Check for a link below the cut!

Saturday, March 5

Top Tips For a Happy Life #6

I will be honest with you guys-- this week, I just wanted to draw a rose bud, and so this week's Top Tip comes courtesy of a quick google for 'quotes about roses'. Is that so wrong? Also, I just mistyped Google as 'googe', can you imagine how different life would be if we said, "having a googe"? It's thrown me for a loop now.

Today's quote; "Some people grumble roses have thorns; I am grateful that thorns have roses" comes from Alphonse Kerr, an ingenious French writer/novelist/critic. Isn't it just a great glass-half-full way of looking at things? A perfect reminder that you can flip negativity on it's head-- aren't I glad this seven day week has only had one bad day, today? Aren't I glad that I am only getting this spot today rather than at my staff Christmas party? Aren't I lucky that I ran out of my favourite nail polish, meaning I can go shopping for another one guilt-free? Easy peasy, squeeze the lemon, take that thing back flip it and reverse it. I'm certainly going to give it a go today. Aren't I glad I couldn't think of a quote and in my search for one, found this gem? Perfecto. Serendipity at it's finest.

Until next time,

Wednesday, March 2

Midweek Mammal

Hello everyone! I decided last week that I quite enjoyed my 'Midweek Mammal' post and so I thought it might be fun to do another one :) This week is a bit of a throwback for me for reasons I shall explain-- it's an Island Fox.