Saturday, February 27

Top Tips for a Happy Life #5

Ohh, you guys. Patience. I know a thing or two about patience, let me tell you.

If I had to choose the trait that I think characterises me, believe it or not, I would have to say that I am patient. I can endure, be it kicking and screaming or not. At the moment, what I am being patient with is my driving test, good God, it's been a battle. Sometimes in life I feel like we get to those crossroads where its fight-or-flight, leave or persevere, push on or shove off. For me, I've always managed to keep going, even at torturous intervals. Right now, I'll be honest, I'm knee-deep at the 'bitter' side of the road, waiting for my fruit.

I will get there! And you know I will keep you posted-- can you be patient too?

Until next time,

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