Friday, February 5

February Reading List

Hello everyone! I've said it before and I'll say it again-- there's nearly no point in me saying "here's something a bit different today" because almost every post I do is completely different. That being said, this is a post I've only done once before and thought might be nice to bring back-- my reading list!

As longtime readers will well know, after finishing my degree I went off reading for a really long time. It's probably been well over a year since  I finished a book. Started, yes, pushed through-- not got there yet.

In recent weeks, I've been trying to change the way I approach going to bed at night as I've been struggling with sleep. Where I work shifts, my routine is all over the place and I can sometimes have difficulties nodding off. Something I've tried to do to help is, of course, turn off all the tech before too late at night, but also get out a book. For me, I find that reading takes away all the last-minute, 'I need to remember to iron my top in the morning', 'I need to remember I need a pen', 'I need to remember the meeting at 10' thoughts that can keep me up. Also, I find that on a more basic level, it makes my eyes tired, which makes me sleepy.

At the moment, I'm sort of flicking between two different books depending on how I feel. As you can see, I'm not far into War and Peace as I'm finding it to be a book you really need to commit to. It's not a hard read, but every character has about ten different names so it's not ideal for days when I'm really tired, but if I'm buzzing awake it does tend to wear me down. On the other days, I've been reading bits of The Fellowship of the Ring as it's just got that faraway-daydreamy quality that sends me off to the land of nod. That's not to say that I find either of the books boring, but the rhythm and writing style of them is a lot more relaxing to me than say, Gone Girl or HANNIBAL RISING.

Thirdly, on the rare evening that Sam and I are both at home in the evening, we've been trying really hard to meal plan and sort out our food shopping in advance. One book we've been dipping in and out of recently is Jamie's Everyday Super Food. I bought the book for Sam (myself) for Christmas and we've really been enjoying taking recipes out every so often. So far the favourites are the Bombay chicken and the cress apple salad for lunch. Definitely worth a read if you're getting into a rut.

Anyway, that's the books I'm keeping nearby this month. So far, I'm loving them all-- if you don't hear from me about them again then it means I never finished them and I've gone into hiding. Hopefully that won't happen.

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